About Tribe Search

Finding the right candidates for your business time after time

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    Experienced search specialists
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    Sector specialists in Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Offshore, Healthcare and Electrical wholesale
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    We handle as much of the search/recruitment process as you require
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    Friendly, dedicated team

Tribe Search is an executive search and select business that is dedicated to recruiting personnel into our specialist industry sectors.

Our search team are experts in their industries and specialists in working to briefs to scour the market to find candidates with the appropriate skills and experience to shortlist for clients.

We have a wide range of industry contacts and a ‘can do’ attitude to researching and sourcing candidates. We search and select a wide variety of seniority levels, are able to pre-screen candidates and have great flexibility in terms of level of involvement in the hiring process.

Contact our Tribe Search specialist on:


 01325 285033